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Resistance Welding SCR Contactors

Darrah Electric Company is “The Company” to call for resistance welding SCR Contactors. Darrah supplies contactors ranging in size from 5 KVA air cooled through 1500 KVA liquid cooled models. Darrah Electric Company maintains the largest inventories of resistance welding SCR Contactors in the country.

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ITC series Current Transducers

The ITC transducer series comprises three models to measure a current up to 4000 ARMS (6000 Apk) in vehicles that are supplied with energy from networks up to 3000 V. The transmission of power and signals from a high voltage environment to a low voltage environment requires specific insulation features depending on the application. The ITC series fulfills all the necessary standards to enable these features.

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ABB’s new 1200V LoPak IGBT Modules

The new 1200 V LoPak modules carry the same DNA for high reliability and robustness as the entire family of Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ high-power semiconductors.

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IXYS High power IGBTsPress-pack

As a pioneer of Press-Pack IGBT technology, IXYS is able to offer a range of class leading devices with voltage ratings of 1.7kV (900V DC link), 2.5kV (1.25kV DC link), 3.3kV (1.8kV DC link), 4.5kV (2.8kV DC link), and 6.5kV (3.6kV DC link). The construction of these devices is totally free from wire and solder bonds which all but eliminates the problems of mechanical fatigue associated with conventional modules. Internal stray inductance in both the gate connections and emitter connections is vastly reduced when compared to conventional modules leading to improved ruggedness and short circuit behavior, which is further enhanced by direct cooling of the emitter side of the chip.

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Mitsubishi Launches New X-Series HVIGBTs /HVDIODEs

Mitsubishi Electric to Launch New X-Series HVIGBTs and HVDIODEs 7 new models will meet demands for smaller, more robust inverters systems in large equipment Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced it has developed seven new X-Series products—two HVIGBTs and five HVDIODEs—boosting the X-Series lineup to 24 power semiconductor modules suitable for increasingly large-capacity, small-sized inverters used in traction motors, DC-power transmitters, large industrial machinery and other high-voltage, large-current equipment. The models will be released sequentially beginning July 1. The modules will be exhibited at "PCIM Europe digital days 2021," the digital version of this power conversion intelligent motion trade show, from May 3 to 7.

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Dynex High voltage 6.5kV IGBT range

Dynex’s high performing 6500V IGBT modules are designed in 250A to 750A variants with a 10.2kV isolation voltage and include an option of; chopper and single switch circuit configurations in standard and low switching loss ranges. The 6.5kV range are lead-free and have been designed with an n-channel enhancement mode, a wide reverse bias safe operating area (RBSOA) and 10μs short circuit withstand. Additionally, the modules incorporate an electrically isolated base plate and low inductance construction to enable circuit designers to optimise circuit layouts and utilise grounded heat sinks for safety. These modules are optimised for traction drives, high reliability inverters, motor controllers, choppers and other applications requiring high thermal cycling capability. To extend our existing high-power portfolio, we will soon release a range of 6.5kV trench IGBTs of which the 1000A lead device is currently completing its final qualification stages, ready for release later this year.

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CDSR is a leakage current sensor developed to meet market demand for a residential and commercial charging station, offering a version for single-phase architecture and another for three-phase topology. With a maximum current per phase of 32A rms, the CDSR can be integrated into AC chargers from 3.7 kW to 22kW.

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ABB Rectifier diode/phase control thyristor module

5SEE 0540T1830 Rectifier diode / phase control thyristor module

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Excess Inventory on Powerex Dual Diode Modules

Powerex currently has an excessive inventory on part numbers LDR11666, LDR21650, & LD421650 Ready to ship! Description: Powerex Dual SCR/Diode Modules are designed for use in applications requiring phase control and isolated packaging. The modules are isolated for easy mounting with other components on a common heatsink. POW-R-BLOKTM has been tested and recognized by the Underwriters Laboratories.

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IXYS NEW Dual High Power Thyristor Modules

This new dual phase control thyristor module provides high power, pressure contact modules up to 6500V. Designed to convert AC to DC for medium voltage applications, modules operate at line frequencies where keeping conduction losses low are important. Higher voltage capability enables the use of standalone modules rather than requiring series connected devices to handle higher voltages. It is ideal for applications such as medium voltage motor control and soft starters.

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