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Published 07/09/2021


IXYS Corporation offers the broadest IGBTs product portfolios in the power semiconductor industry; designers can choose from the largest selection of devices – be they 600V, 650V, 1200V, or other higher voltage rated IGBTs. Through the combination of its eXtreme-light Punch-Through (XPT™) technology and advanced IGBT process, IXYS is able to achieve low energy losses and exceptional device ruggedness while still maintaining low on-state voltages.

Extreme-light Punch-Through (XPT™) thin wafer technology
Reduced thermal resistance
Low energy losses
Fast switching
Low tail current
High power density
Square Reverse Bias Safe Operating Areas (RBSOA) up to breakdown voltages
Short circuit capability
Positive on-state voltage temperature coefficient
Optional co-packed Sonic-FRD™ or HiPerFRED™ diodes
International standard and proprietary high voltage packages

Darrah Electric Company is an authorized distributor for IXYS. Click here to see our inventory or contact us for lead times or questions at (216) 631-0912