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As a manufacturer of DC power supplies, Darrah designs and builds products for a variety of industries. Most products are custom designed and built to meet customer’s specifications or applications. Darrah capabilities include air and water cooled designs. DC outputs range in size from 0 to 1500 volts and up to 50,000 Amps.

Many of Darrah’s manufactured power supplies are designed for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) accounts. These power supplies are engineered and assembled to meet specific customer needs. These models are often labeled with the OEM nameplate and sold as part of a system or contract. Darrah Electric is capable of taking responsibility for all engineering, drawings, specifications, and approvals.

To support manufacturing, Darrah Electric has an engineering staff with a combined experience of over 100 years of power supply design and applications.

Darrah Electric designs and manufactures our own line of power transformers. Other capabilities include a welding, painting, sheet metal, plating and machining departments.

Darrah assembly personnel for manufacturing all have a minimum of four years of Electronic Technical Degrees. Assembly workers are capable of layouts, assembly and wiring. Quality procedures are monitored and recorded throughout the process.

Darrah manufactured products are sold and distributed worldwide by sales forces within the various OEM accounts as well as a network of representatives in major markets in North and South America.