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RoMan Manufacturing


RoMan Manufacturing, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of water cooled A.C. transformers, transformer/rectifiers, and water cooled inductors. Darrah uses RoMan transformers and inductors exclusively in manufacturing our line of water-cooled plating and anodizing rectifiers. The RoMan product line also supports Darrah’s medium frequency switchmode D.C. power supplies.

RoMan Manufacturing’s custom transformers, featuring computer-assisted design, incorporate quality features that assure efficient performance and long life. All transformers are designed for continuous operation, 24 hours/day. These transformers are fully epoxy encapsulated for environmental barriers against contamination and condensation.

Product Lines
Water Cooled A.C. Transformer
Water Cooled Transformer/Rectifiers, sizes ranging from 10 KA through 40 KA
Chokes and Inductors
Medium Frequency Transformer/Rectifiers

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