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ASTOL Solid State Breakers

The modernization of electricity distribution is driven by efficiency improvements and the possibility to integrate energy storage and renewable energies. The increasing complexity of the grid requires new solutions to interrupt fault currents and protect healthy parts of the grid. Astrol provides this solution with its broad range of solid state circuit breakers. Our leading breaker technology combines ultra-fast and arc-free disconnection capability with a compact and modular design and is available for marine, smart grid, industrial and research applications. Our ultra-fast, water-cooled DC breaker for the maritime industry is currently available in three different sizes with a rated voltage of 1.5kV and a rated current between 500A and 3000A. All variants are DNV and CCS certified. The Smart-Grid 3-Phase AC Breaker is offered for rated voltages between 6kV and 11kV and rated currents up to 3kA.

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Hitachi SiC Modules

The RoadPak is Hitachi's newest innovative solution for all e-mobility applications. It enables the design of converters with lowest overall stray inductance, thanks to the latest generation of SiC MOSFET chipset and enhanced liquid cooling performance due to its pin-fin baseplate. In addition, the RoadPak allows very easy low inductive connections, thus the current rating of the inverters can be scaled up with just one module type. This allows the use of RoadPak in a well defined converter portfolio based on various performance classes. RoadPak applications include amongst others - main drive train for xEVs - e-trucks, e-busses - traction auxiliary converters, as well as power electronics for xEV-charging

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Danotherm Resistors

Danotherm has paved the way of modernization in design that has become the gold standard for power resistors. Danotherm leads the industry by deploying international best practices in resistor design and resistive expertise that caters to a broad spectrum of power needs. Contact Darrah Electric Company to discuss your resistor requirements.

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Darrah Electric acquires 5S Components

Darrah Electric is happy to announce that we have expanded our product distribution line. We have added the following suppliers to our family of power electronics.

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Compact and safe, the CDSR Series combines small size with high safety standards LEM has launched its CDSR, a leakage current sensor that cuts the cost of EV charging while maintaining the strict safety standards that your customers and end users demand.

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2021 Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo comes to Novi, Michigan September 10-12, 2019 The Battery Show is the largest and most comprehensive trade event for the advanced battery manufacturing industry in North America, and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo is the only large-scale trade show exclusively dedicated to the drive train and power system in EVs and HEVs. Combined, they’re a one-of-a-kind event for battery manufacturing and vehicle electrification professionals.

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Mitsubishi Launches T-series 2.0kV IGBT Module

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation launches T-series 2.0kV Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Module for Industrial Use, the world’s first IGBT1 with 2.0kV withstand voltage. The module is ideally suited to increase the efficiency and reduce the size of renewable-energy power converters, which are in high demand due to the growing use of renewable-energy power supplies.

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Powerex Fast Recovery Diode Modules

Powerex offers a complete line-up of high voltage, fast recovery diodes. Powerex fast recovery diode modules are designed for use in applications requiring fast switching. The modules are isolated for easy mounting with other components on a common heat sink.

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Dynex Asymmetric Bypass Thyristors

Dynex Bypass Thyristor are designed for the protection of IGBT modules in VSC multi-level applications, where a reduced forward blocking voltage is required. The design of the bypass thyristor provides greater flexibility to the system designer, allowing compactness, better reliability and facilitating a push towards higher scheme voltages. They are resistant to fast voltage transients, which can be exposed due to the switching of the IGBT diode. The device structures have greater enhanced hardness to cosmic ray induced failures, which become significant at high DC voltage duty cycles.

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IXYS Corporation offers the broadest IGBTs product portfolios in the power semiconductor industry; designers can choose from the largest selection of devices – be they 600V, 650V, 1200V, or other higher voltage rated IGBTs. Through the combination of its eXtreme-light Punch-Through (XPT™) technology and advanced IGBT process, IXYS is able to achieve low energy losses and exceptional device ruggedness while still maintaining low on-state voltages.

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