End of Year sale on GTO Gate Drivers
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Mitsubishi Electric’s Intelligent Power Modules

IPM's (Intelligent Power Modules) are high-performance module that mounts a dedicated drive circuit for drawing greater performance from an IGBT chip, and it provides a custom IC for executing self-protection functions (short circuit, supply under voltage, and over temperature).

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End of year sale on Darrah’s GTO Gate Drives

Gate Drivers are designed for triggering large Gate-Turn-Off Thyristors (GTO) featuring gate-turn-off currents up to 3000 Amps and off-state voltages up to 4500 volts. The control signal, transmitted via fiber optics, controls the output valve of the gate driver. A feedback signal, also transmitted via fiber optics, is used to check that the gate driver and GTO are operating properly. This GTO Gate Driver was developed for use in traction systems and is currently being used successfully by numerous customers.

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Power Conversion Solutions

Air and Water Cooled Power Assemblies- AC Controller, Diode and Thyristor Bridges, 4 Quadrant Bridges Darrah manufactures a complete range of heatsink assemblies designed to integrate into you new or existing power systems. Available as AC Controllers, Diode and Thyristor Bridges. Darrah assemblies mount easily within your cabinet and integrate with various control systems.

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The Powerex IGBT/HVIGBT line-up of Powerex self-manufactured devices employ CSTBT (Carrier Stored Trench-Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology, supporting the reduced power loss and miniaturization required for industrial applications. Powerex HVIGBTs and HV diodes, feature highly insulating housings that offer enhanced protection by means of greater creepage and strike clearance distance for many demanding applications like medium voltage drives and auxiliary traction applications.

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Wakefield-Vette Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling is just like forced convection in that fluid is forced through the system by an external source like a pump. While most applications use water or water/glycol mixtures as the primary fluids, any liquid can be used, including liquid refrigerants, fluorocarbons, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, or oil to name a few. Liquids are more efficient then forced air because the specific heat of liquid is higher than the specific heat of air and just like forced air cooling, liquid cooling is most efficient if the fluid is turbulent. However, turbulent flow puts a strain on the pump.

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Darrah FS2 Thyristor Module Assembly

Darrah manufactures a complete range of isolated module heat sink assemblies designed to integrate into your new or existing power systems. Available as AC Controllers, Diode and Thyristor Bridges. Darrah assemblies mount easily within your cabinet and integrate with various control systems.

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Dynex Phase Control Thyristors

The Dynex Phase Control Thyristor is used in DC drives, Static Transfer Switches, Frequency Converters, Line Commutated HVDC Converters, Controlled Rectifiers, Static VAR compensators, in fact, any application requiring energy efficiency, switching at line frequencies and not requiring the switch to have turn-off capabilities. Dynex Semiconductor’s phase control thyristors are produced in both Lincoln, England and Zhuzhou, China. Development continues to produce designs with lower losses, higher blocking voltages, higher current capability and devices tailored for particular application

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LEM Current Transducers LA 305 series

For the electronic measurement of currents: DC, AC pulsed, with a galvanic isolation between the primary circuit (high power) and the secondary circuit (electronic circuit). Used in a variety of Applications to include; AC variable speed drives and servo motor drives, Static converters for DC Motor drives, Battery supplied applications, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) and Power supplies for welding application

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Join us this week at The Battery Show

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo comes to Novi, Michigan This Week! September 10-12, 2019 The Battery Show is the largest and most comprehensive trade event for the advanced battery manufacturing industry in North America, and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo is the only large-scale trade show exclusively dedicated to the drive train and power system in EVs and HEVs. Combined, they’re a one-of-a-kind event for battery manufacturing and vehicle electrification professionals.

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Darrah's Nihon SCR Contactors

Darrah Electric Company Stocks a Full Range of Nihon SCR Contactors

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ABB Thyristors

Thyristors are typically used as phase-controlled current valves for AC to DC conversion and vice versa, operating at low frequencies (most often around AC line frequency). In the conducting state, thyristors feature very low losses, making them attractive devices to efficiently control very high currents and energies.

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Rebuilt DC Power Supplies

Darrah is an industry leading rectifier manufacturer and aftermarket service provider. We can repair, upgrade or replace any outdated equipment weather it’s our rectifier or not we provide a reliable cost-efficient solution that will increase the performance and longevity of your process.

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