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Industrial Heat Sink

It is essential to optimize the semiconductor performance by selecting the correct industrial heat sink. Selection consideration depends on space availability, ambient temperature, transient conditions, overload capacity and whether the application relies on convection cooling or forced air-cooled methods.

Having more than 50 years experience in assembling power semiconductor stacks, Darrah has chosen to stock dozens of the more popular disk type extrusions. Also, Darrah has its range of proprietary extrusions that optimize the transfer of heat in natural convection and forced air cooled power assemblies.

Darrah’s hockey puck industrial heat sink product line supports disk devices ranging in size from 19mm through 125mm contact surfaces. We stock the most popular extrusions in 72” lengths. We also provide single, doubler and tripler industrial heat sink kits machined and finished for clamps thermostats and snubbers.

For IGBT and module assemblies, Darrah stocks a full line of flat back or comb type extrusions. These extrusions can be cut to length and machined for mounting holes or any other requirements. All standard finishes are available.

For liquid-cooled assemblies, we stock Wakefield-Vette’s complete line of cold plate industrial heat sinks. This line features copper pipe cooling passages both buried and exposed, in 2, 4 and 6 pass designs.

Typical industrial heat sink finishes include clear coat, RoHS compliant, gold irridite, and anodized coatings.