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IXYS Westcode

IXYS has been at the forefront of Power Semiconductor and IC technology development for over 25 years. The IXYS product line includes IGBT’s, high current power MOSFET’s, thyristor and diode modules, schottky and ultra fast diodes, breakover diodes, and rectifier bridges.

IXYS products serve the medical, consumer, military, aerospace, automotive, and transportation markets, to name a few.

Westcode Semiconductors is recognized as one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of high power semiconductors. Westcode Thyristor product line ranges from 3.2 kV up to 6.5 kV with silicon diameters from 38 mm to 100 mm making them particularly suitable for high power converters such as medium voltage DC drives, medium voltage soft starters, excitation and transfer switches.

The Westcode product line also includes silicon diodes, GTO thyristors, fast recovery diodes and fast turn-off thyristors.

Westcode was acquired by the IXYS Corporation and continues to manufacture in Chippenham, UK.