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Programmable Controllers

Darrah Electric’s touchscreen programmable controllers for plating rectifiers provides repeatable process control for all metal finishing applications. These programmable controllers will help eliminate operator error, improve efficiency, and produce consistent results. The programmable controllers will also save time, power, and chemicals.

The new programmable controllers can easily be retrofitted to existing Darrah rectifiers and other brands. Simple wiring is done to replace the existing rectifier remote control. The new programmable controllers can be mounted on the front door of the power supply, or placed in a remote location.

From the touchscreen programmable controllers, the operator will be able to choose between Manual and Automatic modes. In Manual mode, the operator can Start, Stop, and control the DC output voltage & current. In Automatic mode, the operator can manage up to 12 preset recipes, each individually named and stored.

The touchscreen programmable controllers will also manage ampere time meters, batch or cycle timers, adjustable DC voltage and current ramp, and stepped ramp processes. The control also includes a non-resettable cumulative ampere time counter.

Daily operations and results can easily be exported via USB drive in Excel format, then stored or printed. Features a 7”, 800 x 480 Pixel LED screen with a user-friendly, high resolution, full-color display.

Programmable Controller for Plating Rectifiers

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