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IXYS Power MOSFETs are designed for RF applications below 100 MHz, linear applications, and high-power, high-frequency, and high-speed switching applications. These Power MOSFETs are available in a wide variety of typical industrial package choices for a broad spectrum of market needs, electrical design requirements, and mechanical and mounting specifications.

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The HSW family is best matched for DC and AC currents measurement in high power and high voltage automotive applications. It features galvanic separation between the primary circuit (high power) and the secondary circuit (electronic circuit).

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SEMIKRON power modules

Anticipate More Modules - Production Capacity

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Darrah Electric Company is proud to announce that it has received certification to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS).

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Darrah's Portable Power Semiconductor Tester

DARRAH ELECTRIC COMPANY offers the DST5000 Portable Power Semiconductor Tester that accurately tests the functionality of all types of Diodes, SCR Thyristors, asymmetric and symmetric type GTO Thyristors, discrete or packaged Darlington Transistors, and all styles of IGBTs up to 5kV. All types of packaging can be tested, including stud, module, press pack, or hockey puck style.

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Semiconductor Protection Fuses

Ferraz Shawmut 1250/1300V PSC fuse-links provide maximum flexibility in equipment design and ultimate protection for today’s power conversion equipment.

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Safety Labels

As a part of an ongoing effort to provide uniformity in the precautionary labeling practice, Darrah Electric is proud to announce this series of Safety Labels approved by the Resistance Welder Manufacturers' Association.

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Thermal Paste Kit

Become an expert at Mounting Isolated Semiconductor Modules with our complete Thermal Paste Kit

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Power Converter Handbook

The Power Converter Handbook is an essential tool for Power Engineers designing and AC and DC converter systems. The Handbook delivers basic understandings of each component used in converters providing theoretical details on circuit topologies and formulas needed to design these systems.

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Series Field Directional Bridges

Darrah Electric Company offers a full line of air cooled series field directional bridges ranging in sizes from 5 Amps through 2000 Amps.

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SCR Contactors

Darrah Electric Company is “The Company” to call for resistance welding SCR Contactors.

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Mitsubishi's new Power Semiconductor Module

Mitsubishi Electric's new 6.5kV Full-SiC Power Semiconductor Module Reaches World’s Highest Power Density

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