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SEMIKRON Ultra Compact MOSFET Inverter Platform

SKAI®3LV MOSFET Inverter System up to 55kVA Ultra Compact MOSFET Inverter Platform SKAI 3 LV is the 3rd generation of industrial MOSFET inverters and constitutes the 7th generation of MOSFET inverter technology manufactured by SEMIKRON, with more than 1.5 Million MOSFET inverters in the field. The 3rd generation is a platform concept that offers standard design versions or can be customized to meet your needs. The converter connects easily to a customer control board for quick and easy designing, while leaving the control to the customer.

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Mitsubishi Electric's Power MOSFET Modules

MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) has a proven record of providing low current and low withstanding voltage in power devices that require high-speed switching, voltage driving and low loss. The use of a trench gate structure, enabled by submicron technology, radically reduces the low on-resistance (the resistance value in the region where the drain current flows between the drain and the source) compared to a planar structure.

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The new group brand identity aims to improve LEM’s visibility and clearly define the LEM story for customers, suppliers, associates and employees. The logo has been refreshed and includes a tag line which reflects LEM’s “Life, Energy, Motion” strapline.

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Join Darrah Electric at SUR/FIN

SUR/FIN is where leading surface technology companies connect, collaborate and contribute. It is the primary conference and trade show dedicated specifically to the surface technology industry. And because it is the only conference and trade show sponsored by the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF)—representing the $28 billion finishing industry—it attracts noted business leaders and prominent thinkers to a forum where relevant issues are addressed and technologies presented.​​

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Dynex IGBT Modules

Dynex IGBT Modules The acclaimed DIM (IGBT High-Power Modules) are robust and work with high reliability at any temperature condition from -40/-50°C up to +150°C. They are offered in a range of 500A to 3600A at 1200V to 6.5kV, which enables them to function in different circuit topologies (half bridge, single switch and chopper) in various high power inverter power ratings.

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ABB Gate turn-off thyristors (GTO)

Production of GTOs started in the mid 1980s. A GTO is a thyristor that can be turned off by applying a current to the gate in the reverse direction to that required to turn it on.

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IGBT Generation 7

The generation 7 IGBTs represent the latest IGBT chip technology. This new generation is specifically designed to match the requirements of motor drive applications. The IGBTs come with a significantly lower forward voltage drop and deliver optimized switching performance. Thanks to roughly 25% smaller chips, higher nominal currents can fit into existing power module packages.

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Measuring range up to 3× primary nominal (450 A pk measured for the 150 A nominal model (LZSR 150-P/SP1) 100, 150 & 200 A nominal models PCB mounting ASIC based Closed Loop Hall effect technology Low offset drift up to 3 ppm/K of VREF(7 times better than previous generation of C/L Hall Effect current transducers working with traditional Hall effect chip). Exceptional compact size for all ranges (37.75 × 48.2 × 19.4mm)

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Clinton Parts LLP is going out of business.

Clinton Parts plans on closing their doors by the end of 2019. With more than 80 man-years supporting Clinton Parts Kenny and Paul are ready to retire. May you guys have a relaxing new chapter ahead – one where you will have unlimited time enjoying your life. Happy Retirement!

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Mitsubishi Electric IGBT Modules

IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module is a device required for inverter use in many types of industrial equipment, and had driven the trend towards high currents and high voltage since 1990. The chip structure also evolved from a flat planar structure to a trench gate structure, and the CSTBT™ (Mitsubishi Electric's unique IGBT that makes use of the carrier cumulative effect) has enabled low loss and smaller size for industrial equipment. From the 5th generation IGBT, the lineup has included composite products*1 with a thin profile (NX type) in addition to the former external shape (standard type). From the S series (6th generation IGBT), there has been additionally offered the T/T1 series (7th generation IGBT), with low power loss and smaller size. Incorporates an inverter, 3-phase converter and brake circuit in a single package

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Littelfuse Introduces 650V SiC Schottky Diodes

Littelfuse Introduces 650V SiC Schottky Diodes with New Package Sizes, Current Ratings from 6A to 40A Perfect for enhancing efficiency, reliability and thermal management in power electronics applications

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Dynex Power Semiconductor Product Guide 2019

Dynex Semiconductor has a rich history in the design, development and production of High Power Semiconductors and Power Assemblies.

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