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Wakefield-vette’s DC Slim-Line Blowers

Wakefield-Vette’s unique slim and powerful DC blowers are perfect for ultra-thin cooling applications, where cooling is a must. The Slim-Line blower features an ultra-thin blade design resulting in excellent performance & sound quality. The Slim-Line Blower three-phase motor design provides exceptional balancing characteristics and low power consumption. Designed for tablets, notebooks, automotive, gaming monitors, all in one PC’s, or any other low-profile application, these powerful, ultra-thin, direct-diverting blowers can be as thin as 3.2mm

Published on 08/19/20 Read Article
Mitsubishi Electric's SIC-SBD

Power supply systems for air conditioners, PV(Photovoltaic) power system, xEV charging infrastructure, on-board charger. Power loss is reduced by approx. 21% compared to silicon (Si) products, contributing to energy conversion The SiC-SBD allows high frequency switching and contributes to downsizing the reactor, heat sink and other peripheral components JBS structure allows high forward surge capability and contributes to improving reliability

Published on 08/12/20 Read Article