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Published 08/12/2020

SiC power modules appropriated by application

High reliability thanks to JBS structure
JBS structure combining pn junction and schottky junction helps to achieve high surge immunity. SBD with low loss and high reliability will contribute to lower power consumption and downsizing of the power supply system.
JBS : Junction Barrier Shottky


High-temperature operation
When the temperature increases, electrons are exited to the conduction band and the leakage current increases.
At times, this results in abnormal operation.
However, SiC has three times the band gap width of silicon, preventing the flow of leakage current and enabling operation at high temperatures.

High-speed switching operation

With SiC, owing to the high dielectric breakdown, power loss is reduced and high-voltage is easier to achieve, it is possible to use Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs), which cannot be used with Si. SBDs can realize high-speed switching motion because they don't have accumulation carriers. As a result, high-speed switching can be realized.

Heat dissipation

SiC has three times the heat conductivity of silicon, which improves heat dissipation.

Main Applications
Power supply systems for air conditioners, PV(Photovoltaic) power system, xEV charging infrastructure, on-board charger

- Power loss is reduced by approx. 21% compared to silicon (Si) products, contributing to energy conversion
- The SiC-SBD allows high frequency switching and contributes to downsizing the reactor, heat sink and other peripheral components
- JBS structure allows high forward surge capability and contributes to improving reliability

Inner circuit

Power loss comparison※

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