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Ethics and Business Conduct

Ethics programs aim to prevent and detect criminal conduct, reinforcing compliance with legal requirements. They also foster an organizational culture in which employees feel empowered to ‘do the right thing,’ even when laws and regulations don’t provide clear guidance.

Published on 12/23/19 Read Article
Mitsubishi Electric's Diode Modules

Mitsubishi Electric offers general rectifying diode modules that rectify commercial frequencies and high frequency diode modules for freewheel diodes in inverter circuits and for high-speed switching on a surge voltage absorbing circuit (snubber). The main switching devices of an inverter have changed from bipolar transistors to high-speed MOS gate devices, such as IGBT. The requirements of radio noise regulations have also increased the importance of not just reverse recovery characteristics, but also software recovery characteristics.

Published on 12/12/19 Read Article
Wakefield-Vette Standard part catalog

Wakefield-Vette Standard part catalog Thousands of standard board level heat sinks & most commonly tooled thermal extrusions - Liquid Cooling and Systems - Electronic Packaging Systems - Thermal Interface Materials - Numerous Design Guidelines

Published on 12/03/19 Read Article