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Published 07/29/2021

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation launches T-series 2.0kV Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Module for Industrial Use, the world’s first IGBT1 with 2.0kV withstand voltage. The module is ideally suited to increase the efficiency and reduce the size of renewable-energy power converters, which are in high demand due to the growing use of renewable-energy power supplies.

Product Features
1) World-first IGBT with 2.0kV withstand voltage for more compact DC1500V power converters
- World’s first 2.0kV-rated IGBT suitable for DC1500V-rated power converters, which are difficult to design using conventional 1.7kV-rated IGBTs.
- Enables development of simpler and smaller DC1500V-rated power converters without need for complex topology, such as three-level NPC (I-type connection).2
2 Circuit topology consisting of four series-connected IGBTs and two clamp diodes connected to voltage-neutral point
in one leg

2) 7th-generation IGBT and RFC diodes help reduce power loss in power converters

- Suitable for high-voltage, lower-power-loss applications as latest (7th-generation) IGBT with CSTBTTM 3 structure and RFC (Relax Field of Cathode) diodes4 optimized for high withstand voltage.

3 Mitsubishi Electric’s unique IGBT that utilizes the carrier cumulative effect

4 Mitsubishi Electric’s original diode that optimizes electron mobility on cathode side

Power semiconductors for efficiently controlling electric power are attracting wider application and increasing demand as key devices that can help to lower the carbon footprint of global society. Meanwhile, power grids that use renewable-energy power sources are required to realize increasingly higher power-conversion efficiency through deployment of higher system operating voltages. For this purpose, power converters rated at DC1500V, the upper limit of the Low Voltage Directive5, have been developed. In response, Mitsubishi Electric will soon launch its 2.0kV IGBT T-series suitable for DC1500V power converters, which is expected to help simplify the design and downsizing of such converters as well as raise their efficiency.

5 Common safety regulations that enable electrical equipment approved by any EU member country to be accepted for use in all other EU countries


Product Model Rated voltage Rated current Isolation voltage Connection Size
W X D (mm)
IGBT module
CM400DY-40T 2.0kV 400A 4kVrms 2in1 80 X 110

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