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ABB 2021 Product Catalog

ABB offers one of the most diverse power semiconductor portfolios, including GTOs, IGBTs, IGCTs, Thyristors, and Diodes in the power range of 150 A up to 13500 A and 200 V up to 8500 V. Today ABB’s diverse range of semiconductors ensures e-vehicles and trains run smoothly, generating power efficiently, and wind turbines turn reliably.

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CDT is an automotive grade leakage current sensor family from LEM also called Residual Current Monitoring (RCM) or Residual Current Detection (RCD) class B and B+, dedicated to DC, AC and AC+DC leakage current measurement.

Published on 06/15/21 Read Article
Mitsubishi’s 4-terminal N-series 1200V SiC-MOSFETs

Mitsubishi’s N-series of 1200V SiC-MOSFETs in a TO-247-4 package, 1 which achieves 30% less switching loss compared to the existing TO-247-3 package2 products. The new series will help to reduce the power consumption and physical size of power-supply systems requiring high-voltage conversion, such as electric vehicle (EV) onboard chargers and photovoltaic power systems.

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Dynex FRD Modules

Dynex FRD modules regulate electricity flow to ensure high reliability and increased efficiency in motor drives and other variable speed processes.

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