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Published 07/12/2021

Dynex Asymmetric Bypass Thyristors

Dynex Bypass Thyristor are designed for the protection of IGBT modules in VSC multi-level applications, where a reduced forward blocking voltage is required.
The design of the bypass thyristor provides greater flexibility to the system designer, allowing compactness, better reliability and facilitating a push towards higher scheme voltages.
They are resistant to fast voltage transients, which can be exposed due to the switching of the IGBT diode. The device structures have greater enhanced hardness to cosmic ray induced failures, which become significant at high DC voltage duty cycles.
Asymmetric Bypass Thyristors Features
- Low dynamic on-state voltage for high-performance fault protection
- Double side cooling
- Enhanced surge rating
- High dV/dt capability >10kV/μs
- High di/dt capability
- Device can be switched from low anode-cathode voltage
- FIT rating is orders of magnitude lower than its IGBT companion

Dynex range of Asymmetric Bypass Thyristors are available in 3300V and 4000V with currents from 2900A to 3200A.

Darrah Electric is a proud Authorized Distributor of Dynex Semiconductor Products
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