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ASTOL Solid State Breakers

The modernization of electricity distribution is driven by efficiency improvements and the possibility to integrate energy storage and renewable energies. The increasing complexity of the grid requires new solutions to interrupt fault currents and protect healthy parts of the grid. Astrol provides this solution with its broad range of solid state circuit breakers. Our leading breaker technology combines ultra-fast and arc-free disconnection capability with a compact and modular design and is available for marine, smart grid, industrial and research applications. Our ultra-fast, water-cooled DC breaker for the maritime industry is currently available in three different sizes with a rated voltage of 1.5kV and a rated current between 500A and 3000A. All variants are DNV and CCS certified. The Smart-Grid 3-Phase AC Breaker is offered for rated voltages between 6kV and 11kV and rated currents up to 3kA.

Published on 04/18/24 Read Article