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Liquid Cold Plate Heat Sink

A Liquid Cold Plate Heat Sink is for very high power (high heat dissipation) applications where conventional cooling is just not enough.

Published on 01/25/19 Read Article
LEM’s Current Transducer LXS series

LEMs transducer families are called; LXS, LXSR, LES, LESR, LKSR, LPSR. Each transducer can be mounted on printed circuit boards for non-intrusive and isolated measurements of DC, AC and pulsed nominal currents from 1.5A to 50A thanks to a multi-range configuration. These closed-loop current transducers are based on a LEM custom proprietary patented Hall Effect ASIC, allowing them to perform at the level of fluxgate transducers.

Published on 01/22/19 Read Article
Mitsubishi’s all new mechanism for Semiconductors

Mitsubishi Electric and the University of Tokyo Reveal New Mechanism for Enhancing Dependability of SiC Power Semiconductor Devices

Published on 01/16/19 Read Article
Darlington Transistors

The Darlington Transistor named after its inventor, Sidney Darlington is a special arrangement of two standard NPN or PNP bipolar junction transistors (BJT) joined together. The Emitter of one transistor is connected to the Base of the other to generate a more sensitive transistor with a much larger current gain being useful in applications where current amplification or switching is required.

Published on 01/11/19 Read Article