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LEM completes SO8 & SO16 range

LEM finalizes its surface mounted SO8 & SO16 isolated current transducers range with an integrated current conductor.

Published on 12/19/17 Read Article
Why Liquid Cooling?

What is Liquid Cooling and why apply this technology?

Published on 12/05/17 Read Article
Mitsubishi Electric United States

Mitsubishi Electric to Acquire Power Device Sales Business from Powerex.

Published on 11/20/17 Read Article
ABB Welding Diodes

ABB High Current Welding Diodes for Demanding Industrial Applications

Published on 11/20/17 Read Article
LEM's new LxSR Current Transducer

LEM's new LxSR Hall effect based current transducer range materializes the technology breakthrough.

Published on 10/26/17 Read Article
100 Years of ABB Power Electronics

Milestones in History. From Mercury-Arc Rectifiers to HVDC Breakers.

Published on 09/26/17 Read Article

De-Excitation & Crowbar Tester for Static Exciters

Published on 09/20/17 Read Article
Dynex Press-Pack IGBT

Dynex brings world’s first hermetic, dynamic load-balancing, Press-pack IGBT

Published on 08/17/17 Read Article

ABB facilitates communication and knowledge sharing between ABB product experts and ABB users and customers.

Published on 08/14/17 Read Article

ABB Semiconductors Bulletin June 2017

Published on 07/21/17 Read Article
ABB Semiconductors in US Weather Station

ABB Semiconductor products help to advance severe weather observation in the United States.

Published on 07/07/17 Read Article
LEM Offers 3 Smart Sensors for Smart Grid

LEM is evolving smart sensors to empower the internet of energy (smart grid).

Published on 07/07/17 Read Article