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Darrah - Wakefield-Vette Partnership

Darrah to increase stock on popular Wakefield heat sink and cold plates.

Published on 04/16/18 Read Article
How does an Open-Loop work?

Understanding LEM Open-Loop Current Transducers.

Published on 04/11/18 Read Article
Rack Mounted Power Supplies

Darrah offers Rack Mounted Power Supplies for Metal Finishing.

Published on 04/05/18 Read Article
Bonded Fin Heat Sink

What is a Bonded Fin Heat Sink?

Published on 03/05/18 Read Article
ABB Product Catalog 2018

ABB’s high-power semiconductors product catalog 2018 is now available. This catalog provides an overview of ABB's full range bipolar and IGBT products.

Published on 02/28/18 Read Article
Visit us at ECOAT18 Conference

Stop by our table at the Electrocoat Conference.

Published on 02/12/18 Read Article
Thermal Extrusion

What is a Thermal Extrusion?

Published on 02/09/18 Read Article
LEM reinvents Fluxgate Technology

LEM reinvents the fluxgate technology for high accuracy current capacity with a low noise level, over a wide temperature range.

Published on 02/06/18 Read Article
Portable Semiconductor Tester

Accurately test the functionality of all types of Power Semiconductors.

Published on 01/23/18 Read Article
LEM completes SO8 & SO16 range

LEM finalizes its surface mounted SO8 & SO16 isolated current transducers range with an integrated current conductor.

Published on 12/19/17 Read Article
Why Liquid Cooling?

What is Liquid Cooling and why apply this technology?

Published on 12/05/17 Read Article
Mitsubishi Electric United States

Mitsubishi Electric to Acquire Power Device Sales Business from Powerex.

Published on 11/20/17 Read Article