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Published 01/08/2020

- Class accuracy 0.5 according to IEC 61869-10 and IEC 61869-6 regardless of primary conductor position
- Better than 0.75% accuracy regardless of the primary conductor’s position
- Rated insulation voltage 1kV CATIII
- From 1 to 300000 ARMS
- Flexible split-core current sensor for easy installation anywhere
- Almost perfect linearity, no saturation, no upper limit in current rating
- Internal shield
- Low output voltage proportional to the rate of change (derivative) of the primary current (electronic integrator required): 100 mV/kA @ 50Hz

- 10.4 mm gauge with sensing apertures of Ø 70mm to 300mm
- UV, water, dust and ice resistant for outdoor installations
- Bandwidth: 50/60 Hz
- Operating range: -40°C to +80°C
- Fast clip-on mounting whilst cable is connected
- Robust and fast ‘Twist and Click’ closure.
- Slot expected to fix the loop on conductor with a cable tie
- Ø 2.4 mm hole to pass a security seal
- Tie shape models available
- Distribution network applications such as Distribution Automation for Fault Detection, Isolation & Restoration, Grid Monitoring (e.g. Intelligent substations), Protection & Safety, Distribution Transformer Monitoring, Distribution Automation for Voltage Control and Power Quality

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