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Published 04/08/2020

Wakefield-Vette produces a line of DC axial fans used on fan heat sinks which are generally used on heatsinks to support BGAs, VGAs and CPU coolers or as chassis fans. The fans range in size from 30x10mm to 120x38mm with the most common sizes in between. The fans are available in 12 volt as the most common, but other voltages (5, 24 and 48) are possible upon request. The standard configurations include 2 wire, 3 wire (tach) or 4 wire (PWM) and can be customized to support any range of connectors

General Fan Specifications
Operation Temperature: -10C to +70C (+14F to +158F)

Storage Temperature: -40C to +70C (-40F to +158F)

Bearing System Life: 2 Ball Bearing: L10 - 70k hrs @ 40C

Materials: Black PBT(UL94V0), Glass Filled

Lead Wires:

- Rating: UL1007 or UL1571, 80C

- AWG: 24 or 26 or 28

- Wire Length: 300mm +/- 10mm

- 3 Wire Standard: Red(+), Black(-), Yellow(Tach/FG)

- 4th wire Optional: Blue (PWM)

Insulation Resistance: Standard: 10MΩ at 500VDC Minimum(frame to leads)

Dielectric Strength: Standard: 500VAC(50/60Hz) for 60 seconds with 1mA trip current allowable between frame and leads

Noise Data: All noise readings are taken in dBA at 1meter from air intake side, fan suspended in a semi-anechoic chamber (

Protection: Locked Rotor (Meets UL standard 72 hr test) Reversed Polarity

Shock and Vibration:

Shock: Meets 100G at 2ms, half sine, X, Y, and Z axis

Vibration: Meets the amplitude of vibration :0.38mm

- Frequency: 5-55 Hz
- Duration: 60min / axis
- Direction: X.Y.Z axis

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Part Number Configuration:

Darrah Electric Company is a authorized distributor for Wakefield-Vette, for pricing and/or lead times contact us at 800-621-0014.