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Published 02/17/2021

Dynex 1.7kV 3600A Single Switch, E Package IGBT Module

The single switch 3600A IGBT module, DIM3600ESM17-PT500 is the latest addition to the Dynex 1.7kV IGBT range.
The module is designed with Trench gate Generation 5 chip technology and designed in our latest E2 package.
The highly efficient device has a wide reverse bias safe operating area (RBSOA) plus 10μs short circuit withstand.
In addition, the module has a chip junction temperature that works reliably within an operating range from -40°C to a maximum of 150°C.
This device is highly efficient and optimized for applications such as; traction drives, power supply, high voltage converters, motor controllers and choppers requiring high thermal cycling capability.
The DIM3600ESM17-PT500 incorporates an electrically isolated base plate and low inductance construction, enabling circuit designers to optimize circuit layouts and utilize grounded heat sinks for safety.
This product offers a number of benefits for end-user applications inclusive of; reduced system cost, improved thermal characteristics, maximized system efficiency and reliable operation in severe environments.
The DIM3600ESM17-PT500 module has passed our in-house qualification stage required to offer preliminary samples to our customers.

Key Features
• Trench Gate IGBT
• High Thermal Cycling Capability
• Low Vce(sat) Device
• High Current Density
• Isolated AlSiC Base with AlN Substrates

• Rail transit
• Power supply
• High voltage converters
• Motor Controllers
• Choppers

The Power line range of high-power modules includes half bridge, chopper, dual, single and bi-directional switch configurations covering voltages from 1200V to 6500V and currents up to 3600A.

Darrah Electric is a proud Authorized Distributor of Dynex Semiconductor Products

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