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Published 05/18/2021

ITC series Current Transducers DC & AC Class accuracy R current measurement
The ITC transducer series comprises three models to measure a current up to 4000 ARMS (6000 Apk) in vehicles that are supplied with energy from networks up to 3000 V. The transmission of power and signals from a high voltage environment to a low voltage environment requires specific insulation features depending on the application. The ITC series fulfills all the necessary standards to enable these features.
These models are available for Traction and Industry applications.
ITC transducers have been specially designed for the railway environment and to respond to the energy measurement function evolution requiring better performances, ITC series is Class 0.5R measurement accuracy when Class 1R is required by the pr EN50463 standard for on-board energy monitoring. ITC models are not sensitive to the position of the conductor inside their apertures.
Beside the possible function in the Energy Measurement Systems, they can easily be used everywhere an accuracy of 0.5 % from 5 % to 120 % of the nominal current is required.
To reach this Class 0.5R accuracy, LEM used the Closed loop Fluxgate technology.
● Bipolar and insulated current measurement up to 6 kA
● Current output
● Aperture for primary bus bar with secondary connections on M5 studs
● Footprint compatible with LT 4000 series
● Other options possible for secondary connections.
● Exceptional accuracy (better than Class 0.5R)
● Low consumption and losses
● Good behavior under common mode variations
● High bandwidth
● Very low temperature drift
● High immunity to external interference.
● Energy metering
● Propulsion converter
● Substations
● Test and measurement.
● EN 50155: 2017
● EN 50124-1: 2017
● EN 50121-3-2: 2016
● EN 50463 series: 2017.
Application Domains
● Traction (fixed and onboard)
● Industrial.

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