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Published 05/27/2021

Resistance Welding SCR Contactors
Darrah Electric Company is “The Company” to call for resistance welding SCR Contactors. Darrah supplies contactors ranging in size from 5 KVA air cooled through 1500 KVA liquid cooled models. Darrah Electric Company maintains the largest inventories of resistance welding SCR Contactors in the country.

We provide:

Direct Water Cooled Contactors
Indirect Water Cooled Contactors
Water and Air Cooled Isolated SCR Modules
SCR Contactor Designed for Single and Three Phase Controls

Darrah offers solid state ignitron tube replacements. Our state of the art replacements are easy to install, more efficient, and less costly than ignitron tubes. Replacements are available in air and water cooled designs for A through Super E ignitron sizes.

Darrah stocks a full line of related accessories, such as R/C snubbers, thermostats, voltage suppressors, SCR thyristors, and IGBT’s. We offer technical support in selection, application, installation, testing, and repairing.

Resistance Welding Resource center

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