D12HS6-18AJ - $938.00
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Amps: 1800
Volts: 1800

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1800 Amps Welding Rating Amps RMS at 50% Duty Cycle

1200 Amps Welding Rating Amps RMS at 100% Duty Cycle

7500 SGL. Cycle Surge Current (ITSM)

1800 SCR Voltage Rating (PIV)(VRRM)

Water Requirements:
Amps RMS is achieved with a cooling flow rate of 1.2 gallons (4.5 liters) per minute at 40°C water temperature.

Water Connection:

Water Connection:
For 3/8 inch add suffix A to part number.

For 1/2 inch add suffix B to part number.

Cooling Block:
Copper-Nickel Plated.


  • Amps : 1800
  • Volts : 1800