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Darrah Electric Company is “The Company” to call for resistance welding SCR Contactors. Darrah supplies contactors ranging in size from 5 KVA air cooled through 1500 KVA liquid cooled models. Darrah Electric Company maintains the largest inventories of resistance welding SCR Contactors in the country. Please call (216) 631-9970 or email us for any questions or lead times.

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Evaluating Failed Contactor Chill Blocks
The corrosion is a material issue related to water chemistry, cooling block and fitting material. The erosion issue is r...
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Rectifier Stacks for Welding Transformers
Darrah Electric Company offers Center Tap Rectifier Stacks for Fixture Type Welding transformers.
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SCR Contactors for Resistance Welding
Darrah Electric Company was established in 1960 to serve the power semiconductor market in the U.S. and overseas. From t...
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SCR Contactors for Resistance Welding Controllers
When purchasing a new resistance welding controller, most of us would rather check out the various features and schedule...
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Solid State Ignitron Tube Replacement Instructions
Darrah Solid State Ignitron Tube Replacements Installation Instructions, Water Cooled instructions
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Solid-State Contactor Replacement Instructions
Darrah Solid-State Contactor Replacement Installation Instructions
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Testing SCR Contactors
Darrah’s Portable Diode and SCR Tester is used for testing individual Diodes and SCR’s as well as complete assemblies.
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Water Quality for SCR Contactors
IB 1157 encompasses specifications for direct water cooled and indirect water cooled SCR Contactors. For more informatio...
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