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 Click a category link for articles, flyers, application notes and more information. Feel free to download any of the application notes or articles from our Technical Library. If you would like additional information or you would like to talk to someone please feel free to call or email us directly.

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Darrah Electric Company Line Card

Darrah Electric Company is a franchised stocking distributor for high quality semiconductor manufacturers.

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Resistance Welding

Darrah Electric Company is “The Company” to call for resistance welding SCR Contactors. Darrah supplies contactors rangi...

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D.C. Power Supplies

Darrah Electric Company manufactures power supplies for use in the metal finishing, laboratory, and industrial markets.

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Troubleshooting D.C. Power Supplies

Darrah Electric Company provides resources to help troubleshoot D.C. Power Supplies.

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Semiconductor Assemblies

Darrah Electric Company offers a wide variety of Semiconductor assemblies from standard off the shelf to completely cust...

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Power Semiconductor Clamps

  Correctly mounting press pack semiconductors demands the use of a calibrated clamp to exert precise force in accordan...

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Haul Truck, Shovel & Drag Line Replacement Parts

Darrah Electric Company offers a full range of Electric Haul Truck OEM Replacement Parts and Service. Please call (216) ...

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Transit & Locomotive Replacement Parts

Darrah Electric Company offers a full range of Electric Traction OEM Replacement Parts for Maintenance and Repair Click ...

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SCR/Diode Stacks for Power Generation / Excitation

DARREX AIR™ is a drop in replacement Air Cooled Three Phase Diode Bridge and 5-Pole Disconnect Switch for the aging GE A...

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