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Darrah Electric Company was established in 1960 to serve the power semiconductor market in the U.S. and overseas. From the beginning, customers found that they could depend on Darrah to have quality products when they need them. They also found fairness in pricing, dedication to service and an exceptional ability for innovation and design.

Today, Darrah Electric Company is “The Company” to call for resistance welding SCR Contactors, as our bulletin illustrates, Darrah stocks assemblies that meet virtually every SCR Contactor requirement from 5KVA air-cooled mechanical contactor replacements through 1500KVA liquid cooled seam welding contactors. Darrah Electric Company maintains one of the largest inventories of resistance welding SCR Contactors in country.

SCR Contactors for resistance Welding Flyer 

If you would like more information or if you would like to talk to someone please feel free to call us at 216-631-0912 or email us directly.