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Thyristors Silicon Controlled Rectifiers

Press Packs
A semiconductor package similar to a hockey puck. A press pack design is mechanically mounted or compressed between two flat surfaces used to remove heat and conduct current. The pressure or compression force is specified by the manufacturer.
Thyristors (SCRs)/Diode Modules
Diode modules decouple power supply units that are connected in parallel. Darrah offers diode modules ranging from 90 amps to 700 amps, and from 600 volts to 1800 volts.
A stud type semiconductor package typically mounts through a plate or bus bar and is secured with a nut. The stud can either be the anode or cathod terminal of the device.

Thyristors Silicon Controlled Rectifiers are devices that act exclusively as bistable switches, conducting when the gate receives a current trigger and continuing to conduct while the voltage across the device is not reversed (forward-biased). Thyristors Silicon Controlled Rectifiers are unidirectional devices that can be triggered normally only by currents going into the gate. Darrah offers Thyristors Silicon Controlled Rectifiers ranging from 40 amps to 6100 amps, and ranging from 25 volts to 8500 volts. Shop through our Thyristors Silicon Controlled Rectifier press packs today!

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