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Published 05/05/2021

IXYS High power IGBTsPress-pack

As a pioneer of Press-Pack IGBT technology, IXYS is able to offer a range of class leading devices with voltage ratings of 1.7kV (900V DC link), 2.5kV (1.25kV DC link), 3.3kV (1.8kV DC link), 4.5kV (2.8kV DC link), and 6.5kV (3.6kV DC link). The construction of these devices is totally free from wire and solder bonds which all but eliminates the problems of mechanical fatigue associated with conventional modules. Internal stray inductance in both the gate connections and emitter connections is vastly reduced when compared to conventional modules leading to improved ruggedness and short circuit behavior, which is further enhanced by direct cooling of the emitter side of the chip.
Design Summary
Voltage Source Converter (VSC) Medium Voltage (MV) drives play an important role in many areas, and fully controllable power switches, usually IGBTs, are essential devices for the power stage of MV drives. PP-IGBT is a specialty IGBT with high reliability and power density. PP-IGBT based MV drives are the backbone for various critical applications such as marine propulsions, offshore wind turbines, gas compressors, and steel mills.
In this application note, we review a selection of common and emerging topologies for MV drives, followed by a study of the structure and features of PP-IGBT. Additionally, we present the design, analysis, and testing process of a 3L-NPC MV drive using PP-IGBTs with a rating of 6.6k V/16 MVA, which serves as a good example for development of similar converters.

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