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Published 08/21/2019

Fully Warranted Reconditioned Rectifiers
- Available from stock or have your rectifier updated/upgraded to “state of the art electronics” with new circuit boards, protection and safety circuits.
- Savings: typically under 50% the cost of new rectifiers. Darrah’s Reconditioned rectifiers are often upgraded to be more dependable than they were new.
- Darrah offers all types of control in air and water cooled models.

Darrah’s rebuilding includes
- Power transformers are electrically tested, cleaned and varnished insulated.
- SCR firing and regulator circuit boards are digitally controlled with operational pilot lights and high quality quick disconnects.
- All control wiring is replaced with new up to date safety and protection circuits are added for dependability.
- Enclosures, bus bars and heatsinks are inspected, repaired and sandblasted.
- Cabinets are repainted with a corrosive resistant chemical primer and top coated with a polane paint, color of your choice.

Circuit boards, protection and safety circuits are centrally located in attached control enclosure. Sensitive printed circuit boards relays and overload protection devices are removed from the air stream.
Control circuits are fused and stepped down to 115 Volts for safety.

Water Cooled Rectifier Rebuilding includes
- Darrah etch cleans and pressure test all cooling lines, through the heat sinks and power transformer.
- Pumps, reservoirs and manifolds are tested, treated and replaced when necessary.
- All water hoses and fittings are replaced with new.

Upgrade your Rectifier
- Convert your tap switch or manually controlled rectifier to solid state SCR control with constant current and constant voltage control.
- Reduce DC output ripple, add choke and capacitor filtering.
- Upgrade your rectifier to accept PLC or computer controls.
- Add adjustable ramp control, cycle timers,
- Ampere time meters or DC polarity reversing.
- we also may loan rectifiers to customers who do not have backups.

Each Darrah reconditioned rectifier is fully loaded and functionally tested at nameplate rating prior to shipping. Wiring Diagrams and an accurate list of components and instructions are included with each unit.

Click here to see our Rebuilt DC Power Supplies inventory or contact us to have your Power supply rebuilt at (216) 631-0912.

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