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Published 08/08/2019

Direct Water Cooled Resistance Welding SCR Contactors

Undoubtedly the most popular resistance welding contactors for the past thirty years are Darrah's Direct Water Cooled SCR Contactors. The selections shown are available in welding current ratings to 6526 Amps RMS at 50% duty cycle, 5144 Amps continuous. Choose between single or double sided cooled, and in SCR voltages to 4200 Volts. This product line is the workhorse in medium to heavy KVA welding controllers. Mounting bases and bus bar connections are similar throughout the series, therefore offering flexibility and conformity from 15 KVA through 1500 KVA designs.

Darrah Part


   Welding Rating 

 Amps RMS at 50% 

     Duty Cycle

   Welding Rating

 Amps RMS at 100%

     Duty Cycle

 SCR Voltage 




water cooled


Water cooled





D13DT18J 1300 695 1800            X
D13SE18J E 1300 695 1800            X
DE13SE18JBT 1300 695 1800         X  
D13SE19JM 1300 695 1900         X          
D13SE20JM 1300 695 2000         X  
DE18DE18J 1800 970 1800            X
D18DE20J  1800  970 2000             X
DE21DM18J  2100 1050  1800             X
DE21DM18JM  2100 1050  1800             X
D21DM20J A 2100 1050  2000             X
D21DM26J 2100 1050 2600            X
D32DN20J A 3200 1600 2000            X
D32DN28J 3200 2800 2800            X

Water Requirements: Amps RMS is achieved with a cooling flow rate of 1.2 gallons (4.5 liters) per minute at 40°C water temperature.
Water Connection: Fits 3/8 inch hoses.
Cooling Block: Copper-Nickel Plated.
Thermostat: If required add suffix J to part number.
MOV: For MOV add suffix M to part number.
Example: 13DT15JM, 1300 Amps RMS, 1500 Volt, with thermostat and MOV.

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