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Published 09/25/2018

DARRAH ELECTRIC COMPANY offers the DST5000 Portable Power Semiconductor Tester that accurately
tests the functionality of all types of Diodes, SCR Thyristors, asymmetric and symmetric type GTO
Thyristors, discrete or packaged Darlington Transistors, and all styles of IGBTs up to 5kV. All types of
packaging can be tested, including stud, module, press pack, or hockey puck style.

Performs Three Functional Tests:
• Gating – Adjustable from 0 to 12 Volts, 2 Amp supply
for Gating or Firing controlled devices. Digital
Voltmeter & Ammeter indicate actual gate voltage
(VGT) and current (IGT) when gated.
• Forward Blocking – Adjustable from 0 to 5000 Volts.
A digital Ammeter indicates leakage current at
semiconductor voltage rating.
• Reverse Blocking – Adjustable from 0 to 5000 Volts.
A digital Ammeter indicates leakage current at
semiconductor voltage rating.

• Quick & Accurate Results – Takes all the guesswork out
of testing semiconductors.
• Marginal components are easily identified during scheduled
service in place, resulting in less unscheduled down time and
unnecessary cost.
• Test semiconductors before they are installed to ensure they
are functional, while establishing a baseline for future reference.
• Perform on-receipt inspection to confirm components
meet specifications.

• Compact, Portable, and Easy to Use.
• Heavy Duty Composite Case – Designed for portability &
to protect the tester.
• Dimensions: 8.5”H x 16”W x 20”L Weight: 36 lbs
• High Quality Digital LED Meters – Indicate forward
and reverse leakage current, voltage, gate voltage and
current for triggering.
• User-Friendly Operating Instructions – Simple yet
comprehensive instructions for test on all semiconductors
in discrete or module packages.
• The tester has two specific test functions – High Voltage
and Gate. Simply toggle the switch to select which function
you require. Indicating lights will illuminate to show which
test is selected.
• Select a maximum voltage level appropriate to the
semiconductor being tested – either 2500 Volts or
5000 Volts VRRM and VDRM.
• Select a maximum leakage current appropriate to the
semiconductor being tested – either 10 mA or 100 mA.
• All tests require the operator to have both hands on
the tester.
• The tester is adequately grounded and has a time out
feature that stops the high voltage test after 60 seconds.
• Zero voltage start feature for operator safety.
• Electrical specifications apply for an operating temperature
range of 32 to 104 degrees F (0 to 40 degrees C), relative
humidity up to 90%.
AC Input
• 115 Volts, 1 Phase, 50/60 Hertz, 2 Amp

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