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Volts: 5000

This item is currently out of stock, to contact us for lead times please reach out to us directly at (216) 631-0912 or email us.

Darrah Electric Company offers the DST5000 Portable Power Semiconductor Tester that accurately tests the functionality of all types of Diodes, SCR Thyristors, asymmetric and symmetric type GTO Thyristors, discrete or packaged Darlington Transistors, and all styles of IGBTs up to 5kV.

All types of packaging can be tested, including stud, module, press pack, or hockey puck style.

Darrah Electric Company DST5000 Performs Three Functional Tests:

Gating: Adjustable from 0 to 12 Volts, 2 Amp supply for Gating or Firing controlled devices.

Forward Blocking: Adjustable from 0 to 5000 Volts.

Reverse Blocking: Adjustable from 0 to 5000 Volts.

Benefits of DST5000:

Quick & Accurate Results.

Marginal components easily identified.

Test Semiconductors before installation.

Perform on-receipt inspection.

Compact & Portable.


  • Volts : 5000