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Published 11/21/2018

The SEMiX 6 module platform constitutes an accessible and flexible solution for demanding and high-performance inverter designs. SEMiX 6 features press-fit technology for both the auxiliary and the power terminals. Using press-fit technology for all the terminals reduces assembly costs to a minimum and offers the possibility of 100% process control. SEMiX 6 presents a new press-fit tools designed to guarantee full compatibility with the market standard. The press-fit zone is optimized for moderate and dependable PCB assembly. SEMiX 6 will be available as a B6U rectifier module for up to 2200V. These modules will mark the launch of our new SKR PEP rectifier technology for leading edge power density and environmental robustness. With junction temperatures of up to 175°C, this expertise brings far greater performance than similar solutions on the market. This advanced performance combined with our design for minimum power losses is ideal when it comes to accomplishing compact inverter systems on a single PCB basis. The objective area of application is rectifiers for motor drives of up to 160kW. The rectifier portfolio is the perfect match for the IGBT 6-packs in the same module platform, equipped with the cutting-edge IGBT chip technology in 650V, 1200V and 1700V.
SEMiX 6 is available as a B6U rectifier module with a VRRM of 1600V and 2200V elevated for drives inverters of up to 160kW. The assortment will be completed with IGBT 6-packs in 650V, 1200V and 1700V.
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