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Published 10/05/2018

Industry standard power modules are the key to supply chain safety. With increased production capacities, SEMIKRON can ensure it‘s on track to meet present and future demands. Being compatible on the one hand, SEMIKRON standard modules even surpass these necessities on the other hand. At the same time power concentrations and dependability requirements are constantly increasing.
The SEMIKRON technology portfolio of sintering and wire-bonding technologies takes output power capability and dependability to new levels. Module-integrated current measurement shunts, plug & play drivers and pre-applied thermal interface materials with superior performance reduce system parts count and development times, cutting system costs and time-to-market.
Demand for industry standard modules has risen abruptly in recent years owing to their wide range of applications. For this reason, SEMIKRON has already begun to expand its production lines for SEMIX 5 and SEMIX3p by doubling the production capacity. An additional fully automated production line is also in the pipeline for MiniSKiiP, increasing volume output by 50%. Darrah Electric Company is and remains your reliable partner, supplying everything you need from a one-stop shop.

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