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Published 02/14/2019

Dynex Semiconductor’s Rectifier Diodes are rugged converters of AC to DC finding use in industrial, chemical rectifiers and aluminum pot lines.

Special applications include rotating exciters for power generators where the diodes are specifically made to endure the high G forces encountered on the rotor of the generator. Also specially developed are diodes used to protect the superconducting magnets of the LHC at CERN in Geneva and high power avalanche diodes with multiple pellets in one ceramic puck to achieve 50kV for use in experimental pulse power fusion reactors.
- Current ratings from 410A average to 8800A average
- Voltage ratings from 1400V to 8500V
- High overload capability
- Low losses for high efficiency
- Hermetically sealed for long operative life
- Low thermal resistance

Darrah Electric is an authorized distributor for DYNEX. Click here to see our inventory or call our sales for questions at (216) 631-0912