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Published 10/15/2019

The Powerex IGBT/HVIGBT line-up of Powerex self-manufactureddevices employ CSTBT (Carrier Stored Trench-Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology, supporting the reduced power loss and miniaturization required for industrial applications. Powerex HVIGBTs and HV diodes, feature highly insulating housings that offer enhanced protection by means of greater creepage and strike clearance distance for many demanding applications like medium voltage drives and auxiliary traction applications.



Applications Include:
Electric Vehicles (EV)
Medical Power Supplies                                                           
Motor Drives
Servo Drives
Traction Inverters

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Part Voltage Amperage
QIC3320002 3300V 200A
QIC4515002 4500V 150A
QIC6508001 6500V 85A
QID3310006 3300V 100A
QID3320002 3300V 200A
QID3320004 3300V 200A
QID3330001 3300V 300A
QID4515002 4500V 150A
QID4515004 4500V 150A
QID4520002 4500V 200A
QID6508001 6500V 85A
QIF3320002 3300V 200A
QIF4515002 4500V 150A
QIS1260015 1200V 600A
QIS1760002 1700V 600A
QIS4506012 4500V 65A
QIS4506013 4500V 65A

Darrah Electric is an authorized distributor for Powerex. For pricing and/or lead times contact us at 800-621-0014.