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Published 12/18/2018

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation launches MISOPTM (Mitsubishi Electric Intelligent Small Outline Power Module) surface-mount package intelligent power module (IPM) that will facilitate the implementation of low cost inverter systems, thanks to its compact and easily soldered package design. Introducing a well-arranged pin layout, integrated driver ICs and protection circuits, the new MISOP is expected to lead to inverter systems with smaller and simpler designed printed circuit board (PCB). In addition, PCB mounting using reflow soldering will allow easier and lower-cost assembly compared to products requiring through-hole mounting.

Simplified design for inverter systems
- Surface-mount package IPM allows reflow soldering
- Small footprint on PCB
Helps to downsize and simplify inverter systems
- Reverse-conducting IGBT (power semiconductor with IGBT and diode on one chip) with seventh-generation thin-layer structure enables smaller IGBT chip and less space between the chips
- Fewer external components thanks to embedded gate driver ICs with protection functions and bootstrap diode (BSD*) with current-limiting resistor
- Optimized terminal layout enables simple and easy designed PCB and brings smaller inverter systems
*High voltage diode used in charge-pump circuit to get multiple power supply from single voltage source
Protection functions for more flexible inverter-system designs
- Overheating protection and analog signal for monitoring IC control temperature
- Short-circuit protection utilizing external shunt resistor and PWM input interlocking function, enables flexible protection-circuit designs

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