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Published 06/10/2019

MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) has a proven record of providing low current and low withstanding voltage in power devices that require high-speed switching, voltage driving and low loss. The use of a trench gate structure, enabled by submicron technology, radically reduces the low on-resistance (the resistance value in the region where the drain current flows between the drain and the source) compared to a planar structure.

• MOSFET chip with a trench gate structure
• Uses a connector terminal for gate source signal wiring
• Built-in temperature sensor
• Complies with the RoHS directive

Power MOSFET Modules A series

Type Number Data Sheet VDSS(V) ID(A) Configuration Viso(Vrms)
FM200TU-07A FM200TU-07A 75 100 6-PACK 2500
FM200TU-2A FM200TU-2A 100 100 6-PACK 2500
FM200TU-3A FM200TU-3A 150 100 6-PACK 2500
FM400TU-07A FM400TU-07A 75 200 6-PACK 2500
FM400TU-2A FM400TU-2A 100 200 6-PACK 2500
FM400TU-3A FM400TU-3A 150 200 6-PACK 2500
FM600TU-07A FM600TU-07A 75 300 6-PACK 2500
FM600TU-2A FM600TU-2A 100 300 6-PACK 2500
FM600TU-3A FM600TU-3A 150 300 6-PACK 2500

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