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Published 11/03/2020

LEM's ITZ 600-24000 
Rack mounted (fix gain or programmable) current transducers.
Made for ultra high accuracy.


• 14 models
• DC&AC isolated nominal current measurement: from 40 to 24000 ADC
• Excellent linearity, from 1 to 10 ppm
• High resolution
• Initial offset: < 2 ppm
• Very low offset drift: from 0.1 to 0.6 ppm/K
• Overall accuracy @ IPN @ +25°C: between < +/- 3 ppm and < 12 ppm
• Wide frequency bandwidth from DC up to 500 kHz (+/- 3 dB)


• Electrostatic shield between primary and secondary in the heads
• Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
• Products made up of one measuring head in a side and one separated electronic in the other side connected together via a cable
• Operating temperature range from +10 to +40°C for the electronics and from 0 to +55°C for the measuring heads
• D-Sub 15 female connector used for the analogue output
• D-Sub 9 male connector used for the status output
• Really quick response time (from • 600 A and 2000 A models are programmable in the needed range thanks to some programming plugs to add on the measuring heads
• 5 measuring heads are available according to the current to measure and to the aperture needed for the primary conductor (from 25.4 mm up to 150.3 mm diameter)
• 19” rack mounting for the electronics rack
• Current (models: ITZ xxx-S & -SPR) or voltage (models: ITZ xxx-SB & -SBPR) output

Darrah Electric is a proud Authorized Distributor of LEM Products

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