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Published 09/28/2020


High performance three phase current sensor +/-1500A. Suitable for high power motor control and inverter applications, with high integration.

• Ultra compact 3 phases current transducer for DC/ AC current
• S07 version fully compatible with Infineon HybridPACK Drive
• Outstanding linearity up to maximum range
• Outstanding immunity against crosstalk
• High bandwidth for Drive applications
• Galvanic isolation 2,5kV IEC 60664
• Very good linearity up to 1500 A
• Very low thermal offset drift
• Very low thermal sensitivity drift
• AECQ 100 qualified
• LEM quality inside.

• High current range up to +/-1500A measurement
• High frequency bandwidth up to 50kHz
• Low magnetic offset >200mA after 1000A
• High accuracy (+/- 2% global error)
• Operating Temperature : -40℃ to +125℃.

Darrah Electric is a proud Authorized Distributor of LEM Products

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