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Published 08/15/2019

Grounding Bus Bars and Kits


Wakefield Vette offers the SCGB/SCGBK series of standard off the shelf grounding bus bar and kits for various applications. These are variations of UL Listed ground bar kits of different bar sizes, hole sizes, and lug configurations in addition to the many standard kits in stock. Wakefield Vette can fully customize an order to serve any application, whether it be custom hole patterns for a unique lug shape, an irregular bar size, plating, etc. The mounting brackets that are used are stainless steel, which significantly increases the part’s useful life. The use of stainless steel also protects the brackets from corrosion. Click here for Data Sheets

Darrah Electric Company is an authorized distributor for Wakefield-Vette. For pricing and/or lead times contact us at 216-631-6600.