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Published 11/26/2019

Dynex Semiconductor produces a small range of thyristors for very fast turn-on based on its GTO structures. To support our customers, we design and produce the complete switch assemblies, including semiconductor devices, driving units, clamping, cooling, and testing.

Dynex Pulse Power Thyristors
The PT family of Pulse Power Thyristors (PPTs) is based on Dynex’s GTO technology and is designed for long-term stability under DC voltages. The structures are resistant to cosmic ray induced failures at normal working voltages.

Pulse Power Thyristors are components that have been designed for very high di/dt switching and fast turn-on in combination with a very high current capability and high voltages and they can also include special driver units.

Dynex’s Pulse Power Thyristors may be used to connect a source of stored energy, such as a capacitor, to a load, or to bypass and protect the load in the case of a crowbar circuit. In these pulsed power applications where the rate of rise of current is very fast, the pulsed power switch is acting as a closing switch and ordinary phase control thyristors (SCRs) are likely to fail due to the high di/dt experienced.

Examples of applications would be the connection of energy storage systems to low inductance loads, crowbars for bypassing/protecting a load and general thyratron and ignitron replacement.

Asymmetric design
Single or repetitive pulse applications
Very highly interdigitated gate structure
Very high di/dt capability
Fully floating silicon technology
High “shot life”
High reliability / life compares to vacuum tubes
Designed as a closing switch

Part Number VDRM (V) VRRM (V) IT (AV) at TC= 80°C (A) ITSM at Tvj VR = 0 (kA) dV/dt (V/µs) dI/dt (A/µs) to Ipk (kA) Rth(j-c) (°C/W) Outline Type Code Flange OD / Contact OD / Height (mm) Clamping Force (kN) min - max
ACR300SG33 3300 20 493 6.5 3000 2000 .125 .042 G 58.5 / 34 / 27 6 - 8
PT40QPx45 4500 16 760 13 200 5000 20 .033 P 56 / 38 / 37 11 - 15
PT60QHx45 4500 16 1000 22.5 175 10000 40 .013 H 100 / 63 / 26.5 18 - 22
PT85QWx45 4500 16 1670 37 200 22000 90 .01 W 120 / 84.6 / 27.7 36 - 44

Darrah Electric is a proud Authorized Distributor of Dynex Semiconductor Products

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