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Published 02/21/2017

Darrah Electric Company introduces a new touchscreen programmable controller for use in plating rectifiers. Darrah's programmable controller provides repeatable process control for all metal finishing aaplications.

Highlights include:

  • Operation by 7" touchscreen
  • Operations and results exportable by USB
  • Memory for 12 reset recipes
  • Can be retrofitted to exisitng rectifiers

Programmable Controller for Plating Rectifiers Flyer

Download our flyer for more information or contact us directly.

Ed McKinley - D.C. Power Supplies
Phone: 216.631.9938
E-mail: ed_mckinley@darrahelectric.com 

John Badzinski - Engineer
Phone: 216.631.9119
E-mail: john_badzinski@darrahelectric.com