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Published 09/19/2016

Multiple cases of counterfeit ABB semiconductor devices have been found at major transit authorities. These include Rectifier Diodes, Fast Recovery Diodes, Gate Turn Off (GTO) Thyristors, Phase Control Thyristors, and IGBT’s.Multiple cases have been reported in recent weeks. These counterfeit devices may not work properly, and are potentially dangerous. They are not built to the standard of the original OEM datasheets.

While some signs of counterfeiting are recognizable, others are much more difficult to detect. The only way to be sure you are receiving actual ABB semiconductors is to purchase from authorized ABB resellers. Darrah Electric has been an authorized reseller for ABB for over 12 years.

If you have encountered counterfeit devices, please notify Darrah Electric or ABB Semiconductors. ABB has pursued legal action against counterfeiters.

For more information about Darrah Electric Company, please call 800-621-0014.