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Published 10/16/2018

- Single/ Dual Hall open loop sensor with single core
- High density with sensor
- Very high precision: < 0,9A error up to 100A range over T°C
- Guarantee for low range measurements

- xEV BMS High precision current sensor
- Redundant measurement with 2 independent channels

Main features:
- Independent dual range: High Range channel up to: +/- 1000A
- Bus bar size for 250Arms
- 0,5 % typical accuracy @ 25°C
- 2% Worldwide accuracy over current and T°C
- Very low magnetic offset < 70mA
- 2,5 kV Galvanic Insulation
- 6mA typical consumption (with a single ASIC)
- Over/ Under Current detection
- Reverse supply voltage shield
- Ground open circuit

Competition advantage:
- State of the art LEM Hall ASIC design
- High precision and very low offset
- Non-Invasive (Isolated and Lossless) measurement
- Easy mounting on bus bar with clipping fixations
- Automotive qualified

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