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Published 10/10/2016

Coming from high-power semiconductors, ABB is viewed as one of the world’s leading suppliers setting standards in quality and performance. ABB’s unique knowledge in high-power semiconductors now expands to industry standard medium-power IGBT and bipolar (thyristor/diode) modules.
ABB is introducing in a first wave the following IGBT and bipolar (thyristor/diode) modules:
• 62Pak: 1,700 volt, 150 - 300 ampere, dual IGBT in a 62 mm package
• 20Pak, 34Pak: 1,600 - 1,800 volt, 110 - 170 ampere dual thyristor modules
• 50Pak, 60Pak, & 77Pak: 2,200 - 6,000 volt, 520 - 890 ampere dual diode modules

ABB Medium Power Modules Press Release

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