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Amps: 150
Volts: 600


a) Adopting new 4th generation planar IGBT chip, which performance is improved by 1µm fine rule process. For example, typical VCE(sat)=1.7V
b) Using new Diode which is designed to get soft reverse recovery characteristics.
c) Keeping the package compatibility. The layout/position of both terminal pin and mounting hole is same as S-series 3rd generation IPM.
•3φ 150A, 600V Current-sense IGBT for 15kHz switching
• 50A, 600V Current-sense regenerative brake IGBT
• Monolithic gate drive & protection logic
• Detection, protection & status indication circuits for overcurrent, short-circuit, over-temperature & under-voltage (P-Fo available from upper leg devices)
• Acoustic noise-less 15/18.5kW class inverter application

  • Amps : 150
  • Volts : 600