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Amps: 150
Volts: 1200

Power Driver Module IGBT 3 Phase Power Module


a) Adopting new 5th generation IGBT (CSTBT) chip, which
performance is improved by 1µm fine rule process.
For example, typical Vce(sat)=1.5V @Tj=125°C
b) I adopt the over-temperature conservation by Tj detection of
CSTBT chip, and error output is possible from all each conservation
upper and lower arm of IPM.
c) Current rating of brake part increased.
50% for the current rating of inverter part.
•3φ 300A, 600V Current-sense IGBT type inverter
• 150A, 600V Current-sense regenerative brake IGBT
• Monolithic gate drive & protection logic
• Detection, protection & status indication circuits for, shortcircuit,
over-temperature & under-voltage (P-Fo available
from upper arm devices)
• Acoustic noise-less 30kW class inverter application
• UL Recognized Yellow Card No.E80276(N)
File No.E80271s

  • Volts : 1200
  • Amps : 150